Westenra Jewellers was set up by Gerald Westenra, a graduate gemologist from The Gemological Institute of America and valuer with over 30 years experience in the jewellery industry. He is keen to offer an attractive alternative for people wanting to buy affordable fine modern to antique pre-owned / estate jewellery from a source with genuine credibility and expertise plus a full back-up repair service.

To add to this we are offering a service to the public where you can potentially receive a better return on your jewellery by having it sold on your behalf. Should you need to sell your jewellery fairly quickly we will also consider buying it outright at very competitive prices.

Westenra Jewellers also accept trade-ins. Bring in your jewellery items that you no longer wear or are worn out / broken and walk out with a stunning piece that you'll be reluctant to take off!

At Westenra Jewellers we have available new diamonds and jewellery at extremely competitive prices with a true back-up service from our internationally qualified gemologist.

To offer full confidence to buyers we provide a 14 day money back guarantee on all pre-owned / estate jewellery sold (excludes new loose diamonds and new jewellery) returned in it's original condition.

Last but not least we offer a very sound knowledgable buying & selling service in gold and silver bullion (investment metals).
For many this will be a very new area to you so consequently we will guide you through, step by step, this surprisingly very simple process.

How can we offer such competitive pricing?
Simple. We work very hard at keeping our overheads down. More importantly though we value our clients, so by offering very competitive prices and an honest transparent service we think there's a high chance you'll return.

Integrity + Expertise + Transparency = Westenra Jewellers

"It has always bothered me that the consumer has never really had a viable outlet other than pawn shops to sell and buy pre-owned fine jewellery. To add to this there is very little knowledge and true expertise available to the public in these outlets. We are big on expertise!

Everyone is falling over themselves to sell new jewellery and diamonds to the consumer but when it comes time to selling them back no one wants to know about their problem. We do!

Gerald Westenra is a member of the Jewellers & Watchmakers of NZ Inc and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Alumni Association.